«Two days after marriage is simply unnecessary: you want to day consider cautiously: a.»

Moscow is all remembered for this elastic.
The night stays exhausting …

  • Alexander, what does my mom call you?

Furthermore, we are awful!
Offering companions’ homes!
To turn into a general, an old lieutenant should wed.
Dejection is the rate of birth is diminishing, and liquor addiction is developing!
Some jewel champagne.
Moscow is an incredible lottery. Here you can win everything simultaneously.
I have not figured out how to live, it is smarter to monetarily help me!
The Lord sent a message — tomorrow won’t be one more day. This is the sort of thing that shrewd individuals caution ahead of time, they fear being gotten off guard.»

  • I might actually say that you, for instance, are not hitched.
  • On the off chance that I’m not wearing a wedding band, it amounts to nothing yet.
  • Indeed, regardless of whether you have three relationships, you are as yet not wedded. Do you suppose a lady?
  • What might be said about unmarried ladies who are watching something?
  • obviously. They check the score out. So they see cops, ranking staff and unmarried ladies.
    «Have you changed?»
    The educators were great.
    «So you’re a terrible individual?»
  • What?! Indeed, I have practically no defects!
    It is by all accounts everything … I could do without this… I’m composing a draft, I’ll make up for lost time at any rate.
    «Live, Katya!» Our folks generally set a model for you. Just what he needs in life has come.
    «Truth be told. Just you actually don’t tell the young men that it is the point at which you are simply in life that most wolves need…
    what sort of individuals without assurance!
    Also, it doesn’t make any difference what number of you are subordinates then, at that point?
  • around 3 thousand.
  • Things! How would you manage them? It’s convoluted, right?
  • Three is troublesome, and when you learn three, the number does not make any difference anymore.
    Grill doesn’t endure a lady’s hand.
    After the wedding, two days of dating is simply above dizziness. We want to painstakingly think. Day.
    George Ivani, with a similar Gog, with the Gosha decoration, the equivalent, Yuri, he’s a similar Mountain, the equivalent, Zhora, does he live here?
    «It was perfect.
  • Nothing, life will make it happen.
  • I’m searching for you…
  • 8 days.
  • I’m searching for you…
    in the event that a lady cherishes a man, is it significant for her calling, ethnicity and for the party? This is no different for all profiles, not forever.
    I was squashed into a machine that prints cash.
    I like to make every moment count in my life. Also, what is trendy, renowned or refined?
    A decent individual ought to accomplish more than get ready.
  • Presently it is the ideal time.
  • Time is generally something similar! Before you get something, you want to bring in cash!
    «Furthermore, you, evidently, Lyudmila?» A psychiatry expert who briefly works in a serving of mixed greens?
    «Imagine a scenario where he asks me something?» I’m lying.
    «Try not to lie. Yet, I don’t know. This is known as a perspective.

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