The delight of a kid’s expansion is basically a second.

Zabari close to the kids’ telephone.
Check out at it with fish, birds,
Verse with football. you and him,
What’s more, the fire was opened without a match.

For what reason would it be a good idea for us to cheer or cry on a tablet?
Is a pen for kids rather than jackals?
Television, iPhone, Internet
They can’t be supplanted with a «enclosure» or «salok».

Our youngsters don’t be aware by any means
No needles, no digging tool, no cloth …
«Virtual» — there could be no different themes!
Where could the jeans and the tent presently be?

Borscht to cook and heat pies,
Like napkin hoses and jeans?
You approach his life. help.
Tomorrow they will become grown-ups and will be shocked.

Established blossoms, a tree.
Allow them to investigate youngsters’ eyes.
Switches off the character of the screen,
Tell her a savvy fantasy.

Help him to understand books,
To allude to the legend’s demonstration,
They instruct, make and dream,
Talk about every one of the issues with you.

Show that you experience everywhere.
There is no «animation» or «virtual malevolence»,
Educate him. Friend’s meaning could be a little more obvious.
Live games and reality.

Allow the outside air to trickle,
All things considered, there are a huge number of illustrations!
The delight of a kid’s expansion is essentially a second.
Give it rather than an IPHONE!

Love for Zelenskaya

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