MIKHAIL LITVAK: IF THEY LOVE THE MASTER. «I could do without the manner in which you live», GONYTE ALWAYS!

Regardless of whether he even need to make it happen, he can’t manage without it.
The essential standards of legitimate development, and this implies a blissful family.


Assuming that the man is made sense of along these lines. «I really want you! I can’t survive without you!» Don’t stress, and afterward let him go. Regardless of whether he even need to make it happen, he can’t manage without it.

Of the Gonites, and the individuals who talk like you! I’m like you, I’ve never met.» So, this is made sense of by a ton of involvement.

The acknowledgment of these individuals ought to be made about it. «I feel better with you, how about we go together.» Then she doesn’t question you, since, in such a case that you need to go into life, then, at that point, you are savvy and safe. What’s more, that is the best commendation.

  1. Intricacy is an indication of trust

On the off chance that your individual is desirous, this individual is worth the effort — his messy. A genuine man is persuaded that his better half won’t adjust her perspective, and she is thinking about. «That the gamble of getting bliss occurs?»


The marriage should be determined. What feeling beats the way that this individual is simply dumb? Also, in particular, he’s actually alarmed, saying, «I’m a close to home individual.» What does profound mean? Awful. I ought to be genuinely confounded. As a rule, nothing from feelings, with the exception of idiocy, won’t work.


Try not to make a family consumer. I’m a junkie, so I understand what I’m talking about. Generally speaking, they impeccably make sense of their affection, can amaze them. In any case, these are profoundly despondent individuals who have everlastingly stayed a vindictive propensity. You can’t help them in any capacity! Liquor ought to just be assisted by an exceptionally qualified trained professional, a medication with addicting. And afterward every specialist can help.

Liquor addiction is restored exclusively in one case, if he needs to drink poisons. Yet, not just that. It is trusted that on the off chance that they don’t drink while inebriated, it implies that they have been mended. However at that point it detonates at any rate … One of them kept in touch with me when he’s level-headed, he’s brilliant, and when he drinks, he’s a genuine pig. «I proposed exchanging places some place in the word, and it turned out this way: «My significant other is a pig, yet he doesn’t drink like a man.» That would be the proper thing to do.

  1. Privately-owned company

The family ought to be treated as an undertaking. Accordingly, privately-run companies ought to have an «office», for example a loft, «qualified staff», that is, companions ought to have their own calling and pay. Try not to be humiliated by being wiped out or exhausting. You can fire them and close them.

  1. Societal position SHOULD BE THE SAME:

Spouses ought to have a similar social and instructive status. One shouldn’t stand one above and one underneath the other. Envision that a bramble and a tree are embracing. The tree limb is high, and the hollows are lower. Shrub is lying on a tree and sees that it is frightful and dry. No, it’s a spirit, however just at the top!

The accomplice who is at the top ought to help the «low» accomplice to develop his degree of advancement. Since she validated her adoration. All things considered, how might I depend on a lady’s adoration on the off chance that she is harsh and sluggish? In any case, coincidentally, I know that many couples where men don’t restrict ladies to create. What’s more, in light of the fact that for this situation you can conclude regardless of whether he cherishes you? Furthermore, in the event that he is adequately agreeable, sufficiently rich, you really want, it is conceivable that he truly cherishes you. Furthermore, if not, how do I have any idea that she cherishes me or my property? In this way, on the off chance that a man wedded a spouse who is «troubled», help her pass her level, and afterward you will comprehend regardless of whether she cherishes you. Assuming he stops you and your relationship stays all together, he will adore you. This applies to all kinds of people.

I won’t give an illustration of a run of the mill peculiarity that demonstrates that one can’t stay at the level of one’s partners at the level of a «Kobusnik». A rich money manager wedded a 17-year-old beautician. He requested his occupation not to remain at home, but rather to deal with the youngster. «I’ll shout myself.» And after seven years he was killed. The lady was abandoned with a prolific child, every one of the investment funds she had shaken, and she totally drove her away. Did the hair stylist neglect?

At the point when you couldn’t care less about your better half’s turn of events, you kill him, above all else, and his kid. So on the off chance that it just so happens, the accomplice couldn’t care less, then, at that point, help him, and on the off chance that you couldn’t care less, then don’t hit him. In any case, picking instant items, not semi-completed products is better. While a lady is brief, she can pass by great men prior. No, he doesn’t see them, and they’re not with him.


On the off chance that you think of them as a sovereign, search for a lord. What’s more, the other way around. There are numerous models where individuals have occurred, both formally and by name, and host an inspirational perspective towards all gatherings, there are «office» and «shots discharged»

The calling is in their own life, and they are stuck together. The explanation is that such individuals are inadequately ready in their own lives. For instance, a lady grumbles that she doesn’t engage with men. However, he accidentally coordinated individuals with orders. What’s more, on the off chance that it’s not brukonko, similar to a genuine man, then, at that point, he will not endure it. Besides, he didn’t actually contact such an officer.

I frequently inquire. Young ladies, do you want a lord? What’s more, the sovereign ought to be the lord. On the off chance that you’re not the sovereign, she hasn’t reached you. Why? A great deal of exertion. She really wants a lady at her level. Furthermore, in the event that a lady sees herself as a cadaver and is searching for a lord, yet she doesn’t see this as in her, she should transcend the «individual, vocation, social». He will find out.

As a rule, I am certain that the premise of sexual achievement is a significant pay. I was encouraged to «sovereign». I began procuring 500 rubles and 5000 bucks. He adheres to these directions. Also, she reports that she has not yet tackled her sexual issue. Also, this is justifiable. Previously, he wasn’t the one to manage, and presently nobody has at any point been chosen. It has become more subjective, and the prerequisites of accomplices have expanded. What’s more, the people who have at any point been encircled don’t meet their prerequisites. She is encircled by a stunt, and in this manner she is let be. Once more, I exhorted. acquire $10,000! He did this and at last found an accomplice higher up. Eventually, significant compensations, intentionally or reluctantly, prompted a circle of tip top individuals. Furthermore, when an individual procures a ton, he draws in individuals to a more significant level. In this way, ladies, lords ought to search for where they are. Like genuine mushrooms, they search for mushrooms just in dim spots, and not just in the woodland.


In the family, companions make each stride. The way that you’re a man actually makes you the chief. There ought to be a head in the family who procures more.


Hereditary qualities is more connected with people. An individual with clinical signs is viewed as a solid age on the off chance that he has been drinking for a long time and has not been contaminated with any serious disease. At the end of the day, he will send every one of the sicknesses of his seed, which will take care of the egg. However, obviously, a lady ought to likewise be sound. Prior to bringing forth a youngster, having two doctors is better.


Kids in the family ought to be required. You want to comprehend that it is difficult to live everlastingly, at some point or another you want to split away. You can save her life for the kids. A big part of the youngster comprises of me, the other half is a lady. Be that as it may, as a matter of some importance, it’s a hereditary fix. So I moved portion of the kid, then she gets hitched, and a big part of her youngster will be moved to my significant other, not all to me. Two children, that is great.

As a general rule, it is trusted that three youngsters, at any rate, are important to keep up with their lives until the end of time. Here is an oligarch who wedded a youthful stylist, very nearly a kayak of obscurity, since he had just a single youngster, and it is obscure regardless of whether he is a young lady. presently experiences that.


Researchers have observed that this is significant for everyday life. local area and mentality. Be that as it may, Exceptioner said, «Love isn’t the point at which they take a gander at one another, yet when they glance the same way.» If you have contrasts in approaches, then, at that point, you ought to fill in one heading, and your accomplice in another. At last, you will emerge.

Thusly, various perspectives are destructive to the family. We should attempt to safeguard your accomplice’s perspective, or I will attempt to ensure that your perspective is right. Frequently, normal perspectives are brought into the world during joint exercises.

The second component of solid family gastronomic preferences is local area. This implies that you are chipping away at a standard with the body. Also, you can sit easily under one another.


Sex as a component fortifies family clinicians, taking the third spot.

Customary sex is a joy, and to have some good times, you really want to figure out how to make it happen. The course books depict sexology, portrayed in 10 exemplary sexual demonstrations. In the writing of a more negligible nature, around 300 positions are depicted. For all intents and purposes a several has 3-4 stances.

As a rule, basic methods of sexual fulfillment end up being natural. However, a serious danger should be considered. Then you can get novel thoughts on a fundamental level. Then they will tear into you, you will need something different in the future, and you will adapt, yet two or three dozen undermine.

How about you have more extensive sex? Men or ladies? Ladies! They frequently whine about me. All is great in the family, the spouse procures well, yet he can’t handle it. He begins asking and it just so happens, each time the bed is sleeping, the spouse is equivalent to essentially a second! Exhausting.


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