«Whoever comprehends life, he is presently not in a rush» — sonnets of the incomparable Khaimah

Incredible insight has left precious elements, full insight and profound importance to ages…

Whoever comprehends life, he is presently not in a rush,
Grin consistently and watch,
Being a resting youngster, he petitions God for the elderly person,
At the point when it rains and how snowflakes liquefy.

«She sees magnificence in the commonplace,
» An embarrassingly well disposed home,
He knows how to make a blessing from heaven,
He adores life and puts stock in it on Sundays.

He understood that joy isn’t cash,
What’s more, their number won’t be saved,
Yet, who lives in the possession of Bruises,
His kite, lightning and firefly will not be found.

Who comprehended life, he grasped the substance of things,
An upright life is just passing,
What to be aware, not shocked, after war,
What amount do you be aware and make due?

Omar Khayam:

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