Consistently, consistently, the family eats one kilogram of pumpkin daily


We are keen on the larger part, simple and fast to plan dishes. Normally, they ought to be scrumptious! The editors chose to offer you something unique, sweet and solid — a recipe from pumpkin, lemon caramel. This treat is flavorful to the point that the sythesis of mind incorporates even the people who don’t acknowledge siphoning the spirit.

In this article you will figure out how to cook a tasty pumpkin so it comes to everybody. Also, he puts forth no attempt to you. this recipe is very «simple». Subsequently, you will get an exceptionally delicate, carefully fragrant fluid, like the flavor of canned pineapple or jam.

Scrumptious pumpkin in the broiler


1 kg of pumpkin

1 huge lemon
0.5 sugar

Wash the pumpkin, cut off this cream. Natural product juice, initial 2 cm thick cuts, then blocks.

In a bowl, blend the pumpkin in 3D squares. The lemon is stripped, stripped and cut into little 3D squares.

Add pumpkin lemon and peanut butter. Pasta in a baking dish or mud pot, cover or foil sheet. Leave the combination in the stove for 30 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

After thirty minutes, the pumpkin level of pleasantness is checked. On the off chance that vital, add more sugar and leave for 10 minutes without a cover. Utilize a wooden digging tool to distinguish the completed pumpkin. assuming the 3D shape inverts the pith. easily — the dish is prepared.

Allow the pumpkin to chill off and transform the sweet into a wonderful convenient plate. I thought it was cool. An exceptionally straightforward and tasty pumpkin dish looks extremely gorgeous, joining orange, warm shades. So you need to attempt it?

Inside, the pumpkin is sweet, and outside — in a light bearing. Notwithstanding lemon, you can likewise add tangerine, orange, lemon flavor, dried natural products, nuts and cinnamon — everything in your spirit, please!

The timeframe of realistic usability in a pumpkin house is excessively lengthy — 5-7 months. To partake in a helpful, splendid outcome. simultaneously and before the primary intensity, get ready destructive pumpkin jam as per our recipe. Envision how a customary casual get-together will transform into a genuine occasion in the event that a piece of orange confections enters the cream!

It can’t be said that a pumpkin is an image of life, wellbeing and life span. If conceivable, attempt to remember it for your everyday menu. To help you there are a few valuable recipes in our weapons store.

Try not to anticipate quite a while from him, however attempt to cook a pumpkin with lemon caramel and deal your companions to eat! Continuously say on your page a slim treat for the planning of this item.

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