How to recognize Cyrillic from current?

There is a boundless conviction that the Kyrgyz public are totally not the same as one another and in a general sense wrong. Notwithstanding the obvious comparability for certain traditions and customs, dialects and public garments, the ethnogenesis of these two people groups happened in various ways. Also, it’s not seriously he’s distant from everyone else. on the extraordinary fields and others in the mountains. Huge contrasts should be visible among culture and fables, yet in addition current occupants of the two nations eat hamburger, berry dishes are more normal in the Kazakh table, and Kurds lean toward meat, on the grounds that in camel conditions untimely are not amenable. «Ships in the Desert» lean toward a dry, dry environment that suits them. Or on the other hand customarily residing in the Pamirs and Tien Shan, they keep Kurds in their homes.a new and more enthusiastic conventional experience.

Kazakhs are under 2,000 years of age

Kurds are perhaps of the most seasoned Turkic individuals, the Chinese writer in his country, Sim Qiang, commends the yearbook «Shi ji» in a video shot in the third hundred years before our assortment. These individuals come to the Yenisei bowl, however after some time the mountains cross the Tien Shan Mountain. Its a long history. These individuals have gleaned some significant experience of triumphs and losses. After the homicide of the city chairman of the town of Proshyana, the khaganate was a strong power in the IX 100 years, its impact was stretched out to Tuva and its Mongols.

The Kazakh ethnos was framed exclusively in the center of the XV 100 years after the breakdown of the Golden Horde, when the amazing Chingpe rulers of two ages, named after Zhanibek and Kerey, left the Uzbek clans and moved to the advanced area of Alma-Ata. They declared their independence from the previous government and referred to it the new association, involving the Turkic word as «Cossack», and that signifies «free man». Then the ethnonym went through huge changes, staying away from disarray with the Cossacks, the ancestral asset on the Don and in Lviv.

Along these lines, one country showed up around a long time back. This implies that the ethnogenesis of the Kyrgyz and counterparts occurred in various circumstances.
Step or mountains?

Kazakhstan is on our mainland. In this open steppe, submerged in the mountains toward the south. In multiple million 724 thousand Sq. m. The State possesses the 10th spot nearby. The number of inhabitants in the nation is 18 million individuals.

The strength of the geological area and the abundance of normal assets of Kazakhstan is the desire of a country that tries to fortify its impact in the Eurasian space.
Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyzstan) is a little Asian nation situated in the mountains. Its region doesn’t arrive at 200 thousand square kilometers, and the populace in 2015 is probably not going to surpass 6 million individuals. These individuals live in Tien Shan, in the mountains of the Northern Pamirs, as well as on the renowned bank.

The occupants of the fields are in every case essentially not quite the same as the way of life, way of life and conventional advancements that are driven by the climate.
The Epic of Manasseh

The Kyrgyz oral people tune is one of a kind. These old individuals made and right up ’til now organized an incredible legend about the beautiful awe-inspiring «Manas» about existence and deeds. One of the wellsprings of this work, covering each of the 18 volumes, was distributed in 1984-1995. In the city of Urumqi.

Kazakh fables has formed expressive sonnets, fantasies and legends from different legends, fantasies, including cosmogonic, as well as sarcastic tales about the idea of my son Aldar-Koze. The most popular of the sonnets about individuals is love. «Kiz-Zhibek», «Goat Korpesh — Bayan Sulu».

«Kirghiz was a matron

How the Kyrgyz public emerged when migrant pastoralists live in a matriarchal situation in Asia. What’s more, just since the fifth 100 years, worldwide changes have occurred to them. Yet, the customs of the clique lady mother, the hearth of a lady, are still on the Kiryut.
Kazakh society is more man centric, since this ethnic gathering was framed a lot later.

What’s more, the covers are one of various

The public covers of the two people groups are unique. Kurds wear thrill rides that give a feeling of white. Four wedges grow, in particular, the arrangement field. A Kazakh case cap is a cap hung with silk or velvet.

The Kyrgyz head will be enlivened with an elbow turban, which is ready by up to 30 m of white texture. Purchasing bacon is a lot simpler. Normally it is a white cloth with a saturated edge at the smallest cut.

Kyrgyz Sea

The dialects are basically the same as these people groups — they have a place with Turkish families in the Eastern Turkish language. However, as indicated by occupants of the two nations, there are contrasts. Language specialists guarantee that the Kyrgyz say they are a lot more grounded than the Kazakhs. For instance, mountain individuals say «tu» or «cha», and piles of similar words are «no» or «I did».

Furthermore, geological names like «Ala-Llp» or «Barskoon» will be duplicated in one exemption, and the Kazakh language will make a little respite between the indistinguishable public.

Kazakhs eat berries

The public cooking is preferred by two people groups and comprises primarily of meat and dairy dishes. Be that as it may, there is an eating routine and their disparities. If sheep meat

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