The ideal pie, eat it consistently!

Attempt it once, and this aspic pie will turn into your #1 lunch for your loved ones! I’m about to endlessly cook suddenly!

Parts OF DOBROFLOT COMPONENTS: Eggs 5 laptops. Flour 250 gr. Acrid cream 250 gr. Mayonnaise 250 gr. Salt 1h. l. Baking powder 10 gr. For arrangement. Every one of the 2 jars (245 grams each). Onion 2 heads. Potatoes of 3 laptops. (Medium). Green onion, dill, parsley — 250 g. Dark pepper and salt to taste. Margarine 20 g. — for mortar molds and cupcakes.

The recipe of the video is extremely point by point, reasonable in any event, for schoolchildren!

Test readiness: Fill the bowl with egg and salt, prepare until the ovarian mass is added two times. «Add the cleaved base to acrid cream, mayonnaise, flour (strainer), carry out and give 20 minutes to fill our batter (the mixture ought to be like pepper).

Subsequent to opening two jars, the fish is tossed into a bowl and cut into a medium cut. I smell onions and spices, blend them in with a bowl. Potatoes with dainty strips.

The form is prepared, oiled, pours half of our batter (sprinkle it with a spoon) on top with a dainty layer of potatoes and weakens it on the heart.

To sprinkle more potatoes straightforwardly with half of the combination of green onions and greens, the following layer is fish, then, at that point, greens and the last layer of potatoes, we won’t neglect to be left and dainty.

Pour the remainder of the mixture, change it and put it in the broiler to 170 degrees for 50 minutes.

Prepared hot cake with spread, give him poison.

Consideration, READY FOR FAST CARVING!! On the off chance that something isn’t clear, companions watch the video exhaustively and show everything!

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