Destitute, unleavened bread with rye yogurt

This bite can be ready at home «without any preparation» without help from anyone else. Yeast is normally gathered for 3-5 days relying upon the temperature in the room.

This bite can be ready at home «without any preparation» without anyone else.

Yeast is generally gathered for 3-5 days relying upon the temperature in the room.

It’s a good idea to store and deal with a nibble one time per day — it turns out to be great just when now is the ideal time to get a ton of bread and quicker.

An expert class on the readiness of yeast for bread on rye combination with flour.

Take 0.5 cups of newly ready or rye flour, add 0.5 cups of water, mix, firmly cover the cases with milk thorn to get out very high and placed in a warm state.

It is smarter to place it in a liter container — it is simpler to take care of and screen development to «escape».

A few times each day, it is fitting to open and ruin the top with the goal that a hull doesn’t shape or doesn’t jump out of the form.

Before long, add a portion consistently at the principal refueling — likewise lentil rye flour and half water, which ought to be mixed and moved to the sink.

Following five days, the commonplace yeast is prepared for baking.

Interestingly, you can have a go at putting bread on the fourth day of the day, on the off chance that the starter is great.

Store it in a cool spot (fridge, basement), submerging it something like once at regular intervals. In the event that the bread is frequently (twice or more), it tends to be taken care of just the day preceding the feast with a camera.

On the off chance that you look from a higher place and begin making a growth, cautiously eliminate the top layer of the spoon and feed the bite. «Add milk with flour flavor as it were.

Making bread

About a day prior to baking, revise the virus intensity and feed. At the point when the leaf pairs in volume, hold around 4 tablespoons of baking powder.

The initial not many times while setting up the starter without any preparation, there is a «youthful» relaxing in the basement.

Batter holders are blended in with liters of water and flour to the consistency of thick sharp cream, a seat is likewise added here, which is known as a cover.

Leave it short-term in a warm spot.

In the first part of the day, sugar or honey, salt, added substances and flour are added to the rolled-up, dependable cover to a consistency «so as not to pamper what is happening.»

For supper, generally speaking, the mixture can currently be covered with greasy oils, put them on warming (for instance, in a little warmed broiler, nursery, gas or battery) and stand by a little until the mixture fits.

Prepare for about an hour at a typical temperature (perhaps 5-10 minutes limit of fire from the beginning, then 40 minutes least).

It is critical to get a decent destroying bread on the grounds that if not he can get it subtly inside.

You can definitely relax in the event that the ideal level of the propellers won’t be the principal in the broiler and it should be changed.

The cover and bread batter can be added to any flour, not simply to savor.

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