Some espresso is a demeanor according to the perspective of life in tkanifin …

This little story shows a view according to the viewpoint of the transoceanic world.

A gathering of graduates who were sufficiently fortunate to have a brilliant vocation stayed with their old teacher. Obviously, soon they were discussing work — graduates grumble about a great deal of hardships and squeezing issues. Offering espresso to his visitors, the teacher went to the kitchen, got back to the kitchen and got back with different cups — porcelain, carrot, plastic, perfectly clear and straightforward, costly and fragile.

At the point when the alumni dismantle the cup, the teacher says: «In the event that you saw, all your #1 cups have been obliterated, nobody has picked a straightforward and economical cup.»

The craving to have hands down the best and to have the wellspring of your concerns.

Comprehend that a cup doesn’t improve espresso. Once in a while it’s simply more costly, and here and there it even disguises that we drink. That is the thing you truly need — espresso and a cup. In any case, you purposely picked the best cup. Then they saw which cup they had. Presently consider it. life is espresso, and work, cash, position, society is a cup.

These are simply instruments for putting away life. What we have is a cup and doesn’t change the nature of our life.

Some of the time, focusing just on the glass, we neglect to appreciate tasty espresso not too far off. Partake in your espresso! The most joyful individuals are fine. Yet, they take out the very best that exists. You need bliss. Not that you have what you need.

Life is short — Nervousness rules — Goodbye rapidly, Kiss gradually, But frankly — Laugh ascends in the dance. what’s more, never lament that he made you grin.

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